Tristar Charging IC Repair Tacoma
by Reconnect Repair
<strong>Tristar Charging IC Repair</strong> tacoma

You recently replaced the battery of your iPhone or iPad. It didn’t solve your charging problems. You went ahead and changed the charger port, and your misery didn’t move even an inch away from your device. No matter what you’ve done, your situation seems to get worse. What else could be wrong? You wonder!

If your iPhone or iPad is not charging or is charging annoyingly slow, even after the above efforts, it’s a typical sign that your Tristar charging IC needs some repair. It’s probably damaged and has hence failed.

What is a Tristar IC?

A Tristar IC is a microchip that forms part of the circuit that controls the functions of the USB – including charging. Since its extremely delicate, the Tristar IC is usually prone to damage by noisy electrical signals as well as voltage spikes. At times, it could be due to the usage of the wrong cables.

What are other signs of a damaged Tristar IC? You may look out for the following red signs:

  • Rapid battery discharge
  • Failure to charge or the absence of a current draw.
  • The device fails to connect to a computer via USB.
  • You are always getting ‘Accessory Unsupported’ feedback in iOS.
  • Lack of digital audio output.
  • The red screen of death (RSOD) and the blue screen of death (BSOD).
  • Your mobile device has stopped working with particular accessories.
  • Bootloop/Kernel panic
  • Sudden death where your iPhone or iPad shows no signs of life.
  • You keep getting various errors, namely 9, 4005, 4013, and 4014, when updating or restoring your i-device.

If you’ve explained a few of the above problems, head straight to our shop for us to confirm if it’s your Tristar IC acting up. We use various methods to rule out other possible problems and determine if your Tristar IC is demanding some attention.

Being such a delicate affair, we leave Tristar Charging IC repair in the hands of the most qualified technicians from our Reconnect Repair team. Don’t throw away your iPhone or iPad before getting the valuable advice of our technicians. We can repair or replace your Tristar IC and allow you to enjoy your iPhone or iPad once again.

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