Tacoma iPhone Repair

Close to two- thirds of the world’s population have mobile devices- mainly smartphones and tablets. Many confess that they spend most of the day on these smart gadgets. If this is the case, then your device will likely develop problems at some point due to overuse or accidents. At Reconnect, we have assembled the finest team of technicians to handle any Tacoma iPhone repair issue.

iPads and iPhones are built to last and serve perfectly, spare for a few isolated cases. Many of the most frequent repair issues are user-related. This may be partly because of the environment and the circumstances during use. Here are some of the frequent phone issues that may spoil your day.

iPhone White Screen of Death

Imagine you’re following some breaking news, then suddenly your screen turns white. This is what is referred to as white screen of death. It may occur due to software hitches or hardware malfunction. To resolve this, you can try to hard reset your iPhone by combining the sleep key and home key, then hold for about ten seconds. Upon rebooting, your iPhone should power just fine.

If nothing changes, it might be a hardware problem. As such, we recommend that you visit our Tacoma WA cell phone screen repair shop. Our leading experts will fix your smartphone at an affordable cost.

iPhone Data Loss

You may have treasured videos, photos, and documents that you carry around with you on your smart device. However, when your iPhone or iPad suffers a “viral attack’, you can lose everything. You might also accidentally delete a vital document or file from your phone. Installing a backup application that can store all your stuff automatically is the only way to guard against such loss.

In case you’re stuck and don’t know how to go about it, our outlet has skilled technicians for mobile phone repair in Tacoma who are more than happy to offer you the support you need.

Overheating iPhone

Unlike laptops, phones have no fans. Therefore, it’s not unusual for them to heat up during operation. If you realize that your phone is overheating, try to kill the background processes and power-intensive apps first.

But if your cellphone still overly heats even after reducing the tasks, there might be a hardware problem. Hence, we advise that you come for our cell phone repairs services in Tacoma WA to sort out the issue.

Short Battery Life

Short battery life is a common issue. Fortunately, in most cases, you may be causing the problem. As long as you run power-hungry applications like games, Wi-Fi, video editors, nothing will make your battery last longer. Reduce these tasks and watch your battery last longer.

In the unlikely event that your battery drains quickly without intensive use, you can try replacing it. At Reconnect, our iPhone and iPad repair services also include affordable battery replacement services that are second to none.

Your Go-To Repair Shop

It’s impressive just how the iPhone and iPad have become a part of everyday life. At Reconnect, we’ll ensure that nothing interrupts your great moments using these amazing devices with our Tacoma iPhone repair services. We offer prime iPhone, iPad, and cellphone repair in Tacoma, WA. So, if your smart device is acting up, contact us today for same-day repair on (206)832-501.

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