Smartphone Back Glass Replacement Tacoma
by Reconnect Repair
Smartphone Back Glass Replacement in tacoma

Has your smooth and shiny phone, tablet, or iPad suffered a scratched, cracked, or damaged back glass, and you are wondering where to begin? At Reconnect Repair, we have the perfect solution – back glass replacement service at the most affordable price.

We Handle All Devices

Our back glass replacement service covers all makes and models of mobile devices, including LG, Samsung smartphones and tablets, Sony Xperia as well as iPhones and iPads, among many others.

At Reconnect Repair, we believe that the only remedy for a cracked back glass of a mobile device is to replace it. Typically, a cracked screen does not immediately impact the functionality of your mobile device, and this explains why a good number of people learn to overlook the associated distraction.

Unfortunately, a cracked or broken back glass of a phone or tablet/iPad poses health and safety risks. When you least expect it, the crack will cut or nick your skin. Over time, you may have to deal with severe challenges like the malfunctioning of the backlight, discoloration, or dead and dark spots. If you continue using a cell phone or tablet whose back glass has cracked, you will wake up one morning and realise that your device has completely lost its functionality.

Bring Your Device to Experts

You must have interacted with a couple of DIY tutorials for back glass replacement. If you are reading this, it is possibly because you lack the courage to go ahead with the DIY replacement. Something keeps telling you that the surest way to restore the aesthetics of your phone or tablet/iPad is taking it to a professional. That’s your sixth sense at work!

Don’t wait for the worst to happen to you or your device. Pop into our shop, enjoy a chat with our friendly technicians, and let us explain to you what needs to be done to have your back glass in shape once again.

Affordable Services

All our mobile device repair and replacement services, including back glass replacement, are highly affordable. We charge you a significantly lower amount than what you would have to pay on a new device and still get your smartphone or tablet working as good as new.

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