Phone Repair Tacoma

Who can you trust with your phone repair in Tacoma? Choosing the right repair shop takes time and research- but what if you don’t have a lot of time and you still need someone to work on your phone? Locals highly recommend Reconnect Repair for iPhone, iPad, and cell phone repair in Tacoma, WA due to our affordable rates, quality repairs, and customer satisfaction guarantee. Before you make a costly mistake, consider the following reasons we are the best choice for your phone repair in Tacoma:

- We’re 5-star rated by customers! You can rely on our repair technicians to work on your iPhone, Samsung, Google Phone, MacBook, gaming system, earbuds, and other electronic devices. Feel free to call for a quote or with questions about our services.

- Our convenient location in the Tacoma Mall means you never have to drive far when you need someone to make repairs to your smartphone or device. We can repair or replace a smartphone screen while you shop around the mall, and offer a same day repair for other issues, as well.

- Instead of sending your phone through the mail, you’ll have the advantage of a face-to-face meeting with our tech, so you can describe the problem and better understand what type of repair we will provide.

- No long delays in getting your phone back and restored to full function. In many cases, we can offer a quick repair the same day you drop off your phone.

- We work on all types of devices, providing computer, iPhone, and iPad repair, from older models to the newest releases. Many repair techs have not been trained to work on earlier iPhone models- we have the tools and the knowledge to ensure a lasting repair.

Why Choose Us For Cell phone Repair Services in Tacoma, WA?

  1. We are 5-star rated, so you can hire us with peace of mind that we can take on any size or scope of phone repair in Tacoma.
  2. Compare our rates with all other device repair companies- we offer a Low Price Guarantee!
  3. Our repair services are second to none. If you’re worried about an amateur poking around in your phone, we can provide peace of mind that our techs are fully certified and trained.
  4. Affordable prices and exceptional repairs make our services the best value in the area.

What Do You Do If You Drop Your Phone?

Smartphones with broken screens are difficult to use- and there’s a danger that a broken screen will start to fall apart, piece by piece. Stop in to Reconnect Repair for a Tacoma, WA cell phone screen repair that fits your budget and your schedule. If you need a same day repair, call us at (206) 832-5010 and we’ll be waiting for your drop-off.

Feel free to spend a few moments researching our name and reputation online before you drive down to the Tacoma Mall to see us. We have hundreds of 5-star reviews on the Web that tell the story of our commitment to providing quality services at fair prices.

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