Phone Liquid and Water Damage Tacoma
by Reconnect Repair
Smartphone screen not working,  <strong>Phone Liquid and Water Damage Tacoma</strong>

Phone Liquid and Water Damage Tacoma

You’ve been out in the rains, and sadly, your phone has taken in a substantial amount of water. Or, your mobile device has just fallen inside a bucket full of water, a bathtub or the swimming pool. You just there thinking your smartphone or tablet is as good as dead. You’ve done everything you’ve ever heard or read under the moon about phone liquid or water damage, but nothing. You are there wondering what next, but in your mind, you’ve started making plans for buying a new device.

Don’t fret. Not if you’ve already tried our phone liquid and water damage services.

First things first; take the necessary precautionary measures.

Whether you are dealing with the liquid spill, or a submersion, resist the urge of powering the device or pressing any button! Wait at least 24 hours after the liquid/water contact, and during this time, limit device movements as much as possible. By restricting movements, you are safeguarding your phone against further seepage, which could increase the gravity of the damage.

Secondly, bring your device to Reconnect Repair for us to repair it. Our technicians will follow the due process to try and fix your device.

A word of caution – water/liquid damage is tricky. As such, depending on the amount of damage, your device may or may not continue working as it before the spillage or submersion. You must understand this important detail for you to manage your expectations accordingly.

If the need to buy a new device comes up after our free diagnostics, our data recovery services will come in handy. Besides, it would be such a significant loss to lose your mobile device to water or liquid damage, and at the same time, have no access to your crucial data. We can help you recover your relevant documents and files which you can later transfer to a new device once you’ve obtained it.

Has your mobile device suffered water or liquid damage? Are you there wondering if it will ever work again? The only way to know that is to consult a professional. Visit our shop today and have our technicians determine the fate of your phone or tablet.

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