Micro Soldering Tacoma
by Reconnect Repair
Macbook Pro micro soldering tacoma

Micro Soldering Tacoma

In many cases, the process of fixing a mobile device is simple. For instance, screen replacement for a tablet or smartphone, or conducting software update is usually a straightforward task. However, some situations demand the soldering of the components into the device’s logic board. Is that your current situation?

If yes, and you are looking for the best provider of micro soldering solution, don’t look any further! At Reconnect Repair, we have technicians who specialise in micro soldering and resolving issues associated with the logic board.

Why Choose Us?

We have the relevant experience and certification

We don’t engage a technician who lacks the requisite knowledge and certifications. We understand how delicate the process of micro soldering is and, as such, wouldn’t want to risk causing further damage to your tablet or smartphone.

Therefore, you can fully trust our able technicians to handle any level of complexity of your device’s logic board problems.

When Does Your Device Require Micro Soldering?

  • · You know that your device requires micro soldering when it has issues with its audio and display components. Such complications might be related to the display or audio IC. Another pointer is a backlight that doesn’t turn on.
  • · Have you ever taken your device somewhere else for repair? If yes, it’s highly likely that your device sustained long screw damage and, therefore, in need of micro soldering. The term “long screw damage” has multiple translations. It might be used to mean the use of a wrong screw when reassembling a device during screen replacement. It could also mean damage on numerous spots such that, once an issue is resolved, another one is discovered.
  • · Your device also requires micro soldering if it’s been experiencing power issues, including situations when the device doesn’t charge or cannot hold a charge. You may have experienced episodes where your device refuses to power up whenever you turn it on.

These are some of the circumstances where our technicians engage micro soldering to eliminate device issues.

If you are uncertain of the problems your tablet or smartphone is experiencing, feel free to drop by our shop and let our highly experienced technicians do what they do best. Our micro soldering services apply to all mobile devices in the market.

The best part – we don’t charge diagnosing!

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