MacBook Repair Tacoma
by Reconnect Repair
Macbook Pro <strong>Micro Soldering Tacoma</strong>

MacBook Repair Tacoma

Are you having problems with your Apple Care covering your MacBook repair, or is the warranty period over? Why not visit us at Reconnect Repair? We can offer you the peace of mind you are looking for.

Repair Services

What’s wrong with your MacBook? Has the display malfunctioned? Has your device failed to power up? Are you having problems with the keyboard or trackpad? Or do you suspect a problem with your drive or logic board? Whatever the issue is with your MacBook, you can trust our reliable technicians to check it out and begin the fixing process as soon as possible. Remember, we offer free diagnostics.

Upgrade and Maintenance

Besides repairing the MacBook, our services extend to Apple device maintenance and upgrades. We perform simple tune-ups and software upgrades to make your life easier. If you feel that the default components of your MacBook aren’t serving your needs right, and you’ve been considering hardware upgrade, we can help you with that. Visit our shop so we can install a new RAM or hard drive into your device.

We can also assess any form of damage on your MacBook – a useful service when you are dealing with liquid or water spillage or other severe damages on your device. The assessment is also aimed at determining if the cost of repairing your Mac makes more sense that recovering data and obtaining a new device. We will then supply you with sufficient information and make recommendations to help you make an informed decision on the same. What is more important – a working Mac or the information it contains? That’s the decision you’ll have to make. Should you decide that the information is more important to you, we will help you recover data from the hard drive or SSD of your Mac.

Drop by Our Shop for A Quote

Once our technicians have reviewed your MacBook, we will provide you with a quote of the repairs needed. Our in-depth assessments entail checking for undiscovered issues, and we will also offer you a quote for the same. That said, we will not proceed with the repairs until you are satisfied with our diagnostics, the recommended repairs and the corresponding quotes.

Can’t wait to see your MacBook operational again? Give us a call, or make your way to our shop!

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