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Phone on Desk. This a double image. The image on the iPhone X is also photographed  by me.  
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Every smartphone, tablet, and iPad owner dreads the day their device falls to the ground and, sadly, suffers enormous cracks. Unfortunately, such a fateful day eventually comes when gravity decides to do its thing. Spider-web cracks are annoying to look at each time you want to send a text message, make a call, or hang around in your favorite social networking sites.

So, what next?

While you would prefer replacing their phones, your current economic position may not always allow it. And besides, why buy a new iPhone while we can replace the screen for you? Our iPhone repair services take care of the aesthetic and auxiliary elements of your phone.

Whether it’s a newer model or the older models, your search for the best providers of iPhone screen replacement solution should end right here!

Besides the iPhone, we also offer screen replacement services for other phones. Feel free to engage us for all your phone screen replacement queries, including iPad and tablet screen replacement, as well as Samsung screen replacement.

Our other iPhone repair services include:

  • Button repair – at times, your iPhone buttons will stop responding to touch. Don’t panic. We have an effective solution for you!
  • Charging port repair – there are various reasons why your smartphone charging system could be giving you problems. It could be a damaged motherboard’s power IC, the usual wear and tear of the charger port, an accidental charge port damage following a smartphone drop or forceful insertion or pulling of the charger or dust/link stuck in your smartphone. Whatever the cause, we can fix it! We will diagnose the problem first and then proceed to restore your iPhone’s charging port.
  • Other common iPhone problems that we help our clients to solve include Tristar and Touch IC (commonly known as Touch Disease) issues.
  • And if you’ve been using the cheaper lightning cables that aren’t specifically designed for iPad/iPod/iPhone, you are doing your device a great disservice. We offer MFI-certified charging cables for iPhones.

Having your smartphone repaired by our highly experienced and skilled technicians is a lot cheaper than having to pay the deductible via the insurance of your carrier.

Is your device having issues? How about stopping by our shop today and allow us to diagnose the problem and then chart the way forward? We perform the majority of our iPhone repairs the same day.

Don’t stress over that device any longer! We are here for you!

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