iPhone Repair Lakewood

There are many reasons to consider Reconnect Repair for your iPhone repair in Lakewood. If you’ve recently dropped your iPhone and cracked or chipped the screen, one of our technicians can provide a quick & affordable repair or replacement when you bring your smartphone in to our Tacoma Mall location. Convenience and affordability make our shop the most popular iPhone screen repair in Lakewood. Shop the mall and come back to find your iPhone repaired and ready to go.

Should I Replace My Smartphone Screen or Have it Repaired?

One of our techs at Reconnect Repair can best answer your question about repairing or replacing your device’s screen. We’ll have to take a moment to examine the extent of damage before we can offer a recommendation as to the best course of action. We’ll always look for the most affordable way to restore your device when you need any type of mobile phone repair. Consider the many benefits of choosing our shop for repairs:

  1. You won’t have to mail your device in to a repair shop and wait days or weeks to get your phone back.
  2. You can speak with our repair technician in-person before you decide whether you want to hire us to work on your phone.
  3. We offer the most affordable iPhone repair in Lakewood- it’s guaranteed!
  4. Our techs are trained to work on all iPhone models, from the iPhone 6 and up.
  5. You’ll have the option or trading up if you want a newer model.

What is the Price for Cell Phone Repair in Lakewood?

You’ll find pricing for all iPhone repairs on our website when you visit the Pricing Sheet. If your smartphone’s screen is cracked or broken, we can offer an affordable repair:

  • iPhone 6: $70
  • iPhone 6+: $70
  • iPhone 6s+ $75
  • iPhone 7: $80
  • iPhone 7+: $85
  • iPhone 8: $85
  • iPhone 8+: $90
  • iPhone XR: $160
  • iPhone XS: $160

We Fix iPhones at Reasonable Prices

Our Low Price Guarantee at Reconnect Repair ensures you never overpay for smartphone or device repairs. Compare our rates with other shops and you’ll find we can restore your device for less. We are constantly monitoring our price sheet to provide customers with the cheapest iPhone repair in Lakewood. When you need a fast repair that is completed by an iPhone expert, bring your phone down to our shop for a same day repair that will last. We are pleased to offer all of the following:

  • Broken glass repair and replacement
  • Phone data recovery
  • Water & liquid emersion repairs
  • Battery replacement
  • Micro-soldering
  • Camera lens repairs
  • Back & front camera repairs
  • Button replacements
  • And more!

Save Money on Cell Phone Repair Service in Lakewood, WA

When something happens to your iPhone, you want a fast repair that doesn’t cost a fortune. Other smartphone shops want you to schedule a repair or send it in through the mail, but that can take a long time, and communication errors can occur. You can bring your smartphone in to Reconnect Repair and speak with a technician face-to-face when you need an affordable iPhone repair in Lakewood. Stop in or call our shop at (206) 832-5010 for information about a same day repair.

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