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The fact that gaming has become a world phenomenon is irrefutable. People engage in gaming for varying reasons. For some, it’s a hobby while for others, it’s something they do at a professional level. Irrespective of your reason for gaming, the last thing you want is your console to break down. It’s something every gamer dreads.

Thankfully, at Reconnect Repair, we are here to save such moments should they ever come. You can take advantage of our expertise in the repair and restoration of a wide array of gaming consoles, including reputable brands such as Nintendo, XBOX, and Sony.

We have everything it takes to get your console up and running in record time so that your gaming sessions go on uninterrupted. At the same time, if we determine that your console is irreparable, we can – of course with your permission – assist you to locate the best possible deals for replacement.

PlayStation Repairs

We are industry leaders in the repair of PlayStation gaming consoles. If you have a faulty PS4 Slimline, PS4 Original or Pro, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 or PS1, bring it to us for repair. We handle hard drive replacement, HDMI repair, Blue Light of Death Repair and numerous other repairs such as disk jams, optical drives, power supply replacement, firmware update issues, brick repair, automatic shutdowns of consoles and issues to read or load games among many others.

Your XBOX is in good hands

Our technicians are highly knowledgeable and experienced in all XBOX repairs. Bring your XBOX 1 and XBOX 360 to our shop for appropriate repairs ranging from hard drive replacement, error codes/presence of red lights upon turning on the TV, absence of TV display/lights repair, as well as laser repairs. We guarantee you quality work.

Nintendo Repairs

What issues do you have with your Nintendo? Does it require hard drive replacement, can’t read disks, the switch battery having issues, or does the problem have to do with the controller? Whatever the issue, our technicians will repair and restore your Nintendo.

Why Reconnect Repair?

· Besides being trustworthy, we go out of our way to repair all your gaming consoles effectively and efficiently.

· Our diagnostics are entirely free, and if your console is irreparable, our no fix no fee policy applies.

· We help you reduce downtime by repairing and restoring your gaming console within no time.

· Our passion for repairing gaming consoles goes a long way in helping us deliver a perfect job at all times.

· We only utilise quality replacement parts.

Is your gaming console down? Don’t attempt to repair it by yourself – unless you have the necessary training and experience – as you might cause further damage.

Allow the professionals at Reconnect Repair to revive your gaming console!

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