Front Camera/Proximity Sensor Repair Tacoma
by Reconnect Repair
<strong>Front Camera/Proximity Sensor</strong> repair tacoma

Front Camera Repairs

Gone are the days when the majority of people would carry a separate camera. Unless its business, or other viable reasons, it no longer makes sense to bring a different camera. What for, yet smartphones and tablets have camera options, and recently, even the front camera? It explains why for the majority of people, a smartphone or tablet whose front camera has stopped working is as good as dead.

Is the front camera of your phone dead? What happened? Did your device fall, or the front camera just chose to give up? There must be a reason for this – and we can help you establish it at Reconnect Repair. All you have to do is show up at our shop, hand over the device to our able technicians and then let them diagnose the problem. Our diagnostics will not cost you a thing. Once we are through with the diagnoses (which takes a very short time by the way), you get a quote, and you will be surprised at how competitive our charges are.

Whether your front camera is scratched, smashed, broken, or has a loose connection, we can restore it. We will repair the front camera of your device, and then test it thoroughly to make sure that it's working optimally. Our no fix no fee policy ensures that our customers are protected. If we don’t repair your phone, you get to pay nothing.

Proximity Sensors Repairs

While you are on a call, your phone’s proximity sensor detects, and it is the one responsible for turning off the screen when you put the phone close to your ears. The feature helps to save power, besides preventing you from involuntary activation of other functions as you go about your call.

At times, the proximity sensor might stop working. Some of the possible causes include improper installation of a screen protector, software failure, or hardware sensor failure. If your proximity sensor doesn’t work after removing the screen protector, get in touch with us for further assistance. Our technicians will help you reclaim the proximity sensors of your mobile device.

Do you have any questions about the front camera and proximity sensors repairs? Feel to call us today, or visit our shop for more information.

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