Charging Port/Headphone Jack/Mic Repair Tacoma
by Reconnect Repair
<strong>Charging Port/Headphone Jack/Mic Repair Tacoma</strong>

Charging Port Repairs

Charging port faults begins to manifest slowly, and before you realise it, you are dealing with a full-blown problem. One moment, you cannot charge your mobile device. The next moment, the device is charging for just a short time. At other times, your mobile device behaves as if the charger you’ve always used cannot fit correctly in the charging block. And when you think the problems you’ve been having are enough, hell breaks loose – the device you love so much lies to you that it has fully charged, only to die a few minutes later.

What next? Pop into our shop, pour out all your predicaments to our technicians, and let them help you fix the situation. We will offer a free diagnostic to help establish the underlying problem. From there, you get a quote explaining the charging port repairs needed and the corresponding fees. If you are comfortable with it, our highly talented technicians will then proceed to repair your charging port, and within no time, your mobile device charging problems are gone!

Headphone Jack/Mic

Similar issues can affect the headphone jack or mic. Don’t worry. In many instances, such problems aren’t an indication of your device’s end of life. They are manageable hiccups that are bound to happen over time with the device usage. We know how frustrating it can be when your headphone jack/mic isn’t working, especially if you love listening to music and other favorite stuff.

If you’ve tried every DIY trick you know, including cleaning the jack/mic, and none seems to alleviate your troubles, consider bringing your headphones to our technicians. They will first try to determine if your headphone is okay, or damaged, or it’s just the jack or mic that is having issues. No one should do headphone jack and mic repairs except a professional. Since it’s a delicate task, it is crucial to contact a professional – a person who has enough experience, training, and certification. That’s what we offer at Reconnect Repair. Quality service is guaranteed, and you can rest assured that we will only improve the condition of your headphone jack/mic.

Don’t give up on your headphone or charging port just yet!

Visit us at our shop, and let’s see what we can do about it.

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