Mobile Phone Broken Glass Repair Or Replacement Tacoma
by Reconnect Repair
<strong>Mobile Phone Broken Glass Repair Or Replacement Tacoma</strong>

Mobile Phone Broken Glass Repair Or Replacement Tacoma

Broken Screen / LCD

What would you do with a mobile device whose screen or LCD is broken? Nothing much! You wouldn’t achieve as much with the device as you would before. Your mobile device screen is among the essential components. Unfortunately, screen and LCDs are prone to damage, especially if your smartphone or tablet is always suffering falls – and sometimes we just can’t help it. If this is your current predicament, hold your breath no more. The best deals await you at Reconnect Repair.

Cracked Screens/LCDs

When your phone falls and suffers a few cracks, you may overlook the issue at the beginning. You may even argue that it’s just a crack and leave it at that. What you don’t realise is that the small crack or scratch may cause severe problems in the future. The tiny crack will grow bigger with time, and before you realise it, it’s far too gone. Further, the crack can potentially hurt your thumb or any other finger as you use the device.

If the crack doesn’t grow big, it may result in screen responsiveness, discolouration or backlight issues. Don’t allow these things to happen to your device. Bring your phone to our shop for repair.


Our broken screen replacement services extend to all mobile devices, including iPad and iPhone. At Reconnect Repair, we also work on a couple of Android mobile devices, including Samsung and LG devices. Bring your device to our technicians and let them handle the rest.

Affordable Fees

We know that no one plans for their mobile device to have a broken screen. Accidents happen when we least expect, and unfortunately, they tend to happen when one is facing financial constraints. As such, we try to make our fees as affordable as possible. Our prices are highly competitive, considering all the work that goes into it. However, charges will vary depending on the type of device.

What is keeping you from having your broken screen replaced? Drop by our shop and let our technicians fix your mobile device’s broken screen. Samsung Repair Tacoma

Besides facilitating iPad and tablet screen replacement as well as iPhone screen replacement, we also offer numerous other repair services. We restore your Samsung smartphone or tablet so you can continue enjoying its services.

Samsung smartphone and tablets are among the most popular gadgets in the market, and it explains why they are all over.

However, as a Samsung device user, have you ever imagined where you would begin if your smartphone or tablet began giving you headaches?

Well, don’t look any further than Reconnect Repair. We have professional technicians with sufficient training to repair your Samsung device.

Samsung Models

At Reconnect Repair, we handle a wide array of Samsung smartphone and tablet models ranging from Samsung Galaxy S5 all the way to Samsung Galaxy S10e and Samsung Note Pro 12.2. Are you currently staring at your damaged Samsung Galaxy tablet and don’t know what to do with it? Bring it to us as our highly skilled technicians can fix any issue on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 up to issues on your Samsung Galaxy Tab S4.

Our Samsung Repair Services

What issues are you currently facing?

  • · A broken AMOLED screen? Relax! Allow us the pleasure of replacing it to restore the lively display on your Samsung galaxy s9+. We are experts at phone screen replacement.
  • · A malfunctioned charging port? We can help you with that in record time.
  • · Do you suspect that your Samsung Galaxy Tab’s battery has malfunctioned? Why struggle while we are at your beck and call?
  • · Do you require a new back glass on your S7 Edge and at crossroads on the best Samsung repair shop? Our Samsung screen replacement will come in handy.
  • · Or, are you having endless headaches because your Samsung device broke down and unfortunately died with all your essential documents and files? Well, don’t stress anymore. Our technicians are great in data recovery for smart phones and will do everything within their power to help you recover your data.
  • · Apart from the above services, we also fix all software issues on Samsung Galaxy devices.

One Important Detail – Our Fees Are Highly Affordable!

We guarantee that our Samsung screen replacement service, and the other services won’t take a toll on your pocket. Check out our price list and see how pocket-friendly our prices are for you.

Speak to us today, and if possible, drop by our shop! Let’s chart the way forward for your Samsung smartphone or tablet!

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